Tips & Tricks – HA setup


The IBM i High Availability Solutions Manager (HASM) helps make the difficult task of setting up your high-availability (HA) environment straightforward and easy. Packaged as a part of PowerHA* for i, HASM provides a GUI to guide you through the tasks of identifying, setting up and managing your desired HA solution. Flash animations and single-path screen flows take you through a list of requirements and warn you of potential problems before they happen. Screens contain frequent links to appropriate articles in the IBM Information Center, which helps those with varying levels of expertise understand the process.

HASM targets small and mid-sized business (SMB) environments that don’t require complicated or customized HA solutions. It supports four common HA solutions: LPARs, switched disk, geographic mirroring and a three-node solution of LPARs and geographic mirroring.

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